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At Oltremare Park, nature is the main character: the seven-dolphin show in the lagoon is completely renovated and still is the public's favourite. Another news is the interactive program “Meet the dolphins”, which is meant to help the dolphin trainers in their daily job and to learn more about these sea creatures that adults and kids like.
One of the fun stops is Alkimia: the original production created and carried out by Oltremare that tells about the harmony between human and nature as the main condition of the Planet's future; all in a fairytale theme enriched with special effects. Furthermore, the reproduction of the Po Delta with the recreation of its habitat, the flight of birds of prey, the journey to discover Planet Earth and its evolution, the
exploration of the Sea World, and the biggest worldwide exhibit of seahorses complete the offer of the park.
Finally, take the kids to attractions like In Pikkiata – ramps with breathtaking slides aboard of a comfortable rubber boat – or Adventure Island, the amazing playground, and the brand-new Happy Farm, a show with nice animated puppets and farm animals.

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