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Mirabilandia, is the biggest amusement park of Italy; it is situated near Ravenna - renown art city - and really close to the most famous beach resorts of the Adriatic Riviera.
In Mirabilandia you would turn into the main character in a magical universe, immersed in a green, flowered oasis offering both excitement and relax. You would experience amazing attractions and internationally high-level live shows – most of which have been 2014 new entries! - which enchant families and young people... at any age!
Mirabilandia brings your emotions up high! Come and challenge the heights of the record attractions and you would feel the thrill of the leader coasters - Divertical, iSpeed, Katun -, or the unforgettable propulsion of the towers Space Shot and Turbo Drop and the stunning Ferris wheel, the Eurowheel! On Divertical – an amazing water coaster recently launched – you would whoosh by on the water at over 110 km/hour, after a dizzying dive from 60 metres of height.
Also try the magnetic throw from iSpeed, the record roller coaster that would give you the same thrill and feeling as a Formula 1 pilot! It takes you at over 50 metres of height with acceleration from 0–100 km/h in 2.2 seconds. On board the Katun, the inverted coaster, you would be left dangling in the air at 50 metres of height and pass over a mysterious Mayan city. There's more! Would you be ready to go on board the Space Shot for a vertical launch up to 60 metres of height, and on the Turbo Drop for a breathtaking fall into void?
And to conclude your staggering experience in great style, jump aboard the Eurowheel, which, with its 90 metres of height, is the highest Ferris wheel of continental Europe offering an amazing view! Let yourself be dragged along by the joy in Bimbopoli, the “city” obviously dedicated to kids; then, bring yourself to many other attractions, perfect for all the family: are you ready to challenge one another on board Max Adventures Master Thai, the double-track roller coaster exploring the exotic reign of Max the Lion? Or to go down the Rio Bravo impetuous rapids, a river in flood flowing in-between wild canyons? Then, through cannon shots – of water, of course! - you would face Ratatonga anger, a Polynesian volcano always ready to erupt its lapilli.
You would also confront the hazards of Reset where, equipped with a laser gun, you'll delve deeper into the undergrounds of a New York of the future, destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm. There would still be enough time to enjoy amazing live shows, suitable both for adults and kids. With Alice nel Parco delle Mirabilie and Robin Hood il Signore di Sherwood, you live the glee of musicals within the evocative retro atmosphere
of the new Park Theatre. To have a memorable mix of emotions and fun, don't miss the fearless acrobatics executed by both the stuntmen of the Police Academy and the divers on the Pirates' Island. What's for the babies? They have shows strictly dedicated to them! But that's not
enough... There are so many shows in Mirabilandia waiting to be discovered! You'll only be spoilt for choice!

And for a “shivering” end of season, don't miss the Halloween Fun of Mirabilandia. The Park celebrates Halloween magic with thrilling animations, special settings and theme shows, to have... tremendously fun! Mirabilandia is such a magic world that you'll never stop being surprised!

Thanks to the offer The second day is free! the fun doubles: with one entrance
ticket only, you can enter the park for two consecutive days.
You can read the offer regulation on www.mirabilandia.it

Mirabilandia, Live the fun!

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