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It was born in 1987 on Riccione hill and is considered the no. 1 Water Park in Europe; today, 29 years later, it still is one of the favourite destinations of who – both young people and not – wants to spend unforgettable moments of fun. In 1987 it was 70 thousand square-metres large, today it has enlarged up to 90 thousand square-metres with newer water games, day-and-night surprises and more parking spaces. Aquafan is an enjoyment place, able to give great excitement to its visitors, thanks to its fantastic ramps – over 3 km long in total – from Kamikaze to Tobogas, from Extreme River to Speedriul, from River Run to Surfin’hill, or from Twist to Fiume Lento… and to the brand new Strizzacool (a twotrack maxi ramp where 4 people at a time slide down the ramp onto one rubber boat only).
The huge wave pool recreates – through particular equipment – real ocean waves able to keep moving 8000 cubic metres of water (heated and purified, by using state-of-the-art technologies to avoid waste). Besides, within the kids' area the Cartoon Network Beach stands out. To underline every day there are animations, shows, characters, big events and the presence of Radio Deejay... Another Aquafan heritage is its greenery. Vegetation was chosen according to a landscape project, which selected species based on the environmental coherence. Today, there are around 10,000 trees in the park.
However, Aquafan story has been marked by the intense nightlife with the Walky Cup Disco: this nightclub was born in 1988 and was the nest of Radio Dee-Jay, with Linus as art director, with DJs and famous music. At that time Jovanotti's success was born here; as well as Fiorello's, who was an entertainer here and debuted on TV on Deejay Beach Television; still here, two boys from Mantua decided their band name was 883... Today, the nightlife is strictly dedicated to particular events: concerts, theme-nights, shows.